Frequently Asked Questions

What is ASAP?
ASAP stands for After School Assistance Program. It is a service provided through the National Honors Society at Parkland High School, in conjunction with Springhouse Middle School faculty. Students from the NHS come to Springhouse twice a week in order to help middle school students with homework, organization, studying, and projects.

Who runs ASAP?
At Springhouse, ASAP is run by Sara Yazujian-Wehr and Susan Stern, two of the eighth grade teachers, and Kristen Windsor, one of the sixth grade teachers. At the High School, it is run by the National Honors Society advisors.

Why was my child recommended for ASAP?
Your child was recommended because his/her teachers felt that the program would be beneficial in one or more of the following areas: homework completion, organization, study habit, and/or long term project completion.

Where does ASAP take place?
At Springhouse, ASAP takes place in the library. Occasionally, sessions are held in classrooms if the library is unavailable.

What does my child do at ASAP?
Each ASAP session begins with a short period of relaxation. Students are able to chat with their friends and eat a school-provided healthy snack. This allows them a few minutes to rest before focusing on their work. Students also plan what they will do during the ASAP period, and they make sure that their assignment books are filled out.

After this time, students work for a solid hour on homework, projects, studying, and organization. They may work in a small group with a National Honors Society tutor, or with a teacher from Springhouse. Students may work on any academic area, including preparation for PSSAs using the online Study Island Program, reading ARP books, taking ARP tests, doing daily homework, studying for tests, preparing for long term projects, organizing binders, and updating assignment books.

What should my child bring to ASAP?
Students should come prepared with their assignment book, their homework materials, and anything they plan to take home for the day. Students will NOT be permitted to go to their lockers at the end of ASAP.

What time should I pick my child up from ASAP?
It is absolutely crucial that students are picked up NO LATER THAN 4:10 PM in front of Springhouse Middle School. If students are not picked up at that time, they will be sent home on the after school activities bus.

Is there transportation provided if I cannot pick up my child?
Yes. There is an after school activities bus that will pick your child up from ASAP at Springhouse at 4:15. This bus will then go to the high school, where the student will board a different bus that will bring them home. Students traveling on the after school bus should make sure that they know what their usual bus stop is.

Who should I contact if my child needs to miss an ASAP session?
Students who miss more than two sessions without notifying an ASAP coordinator may be dismissed from the program, so it is important to let one of the coordinators know if your child will miss a session for any reason. You can contact either Ms. Yaz or Ms. Stern to let them know.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about ASAP that are not answered here?
ASAP Coordinators:
Sara Yazujian-Wehr 610-351-5700 x 68218 yazujians@parklandsd.or
Susan Stern 610-351-5700 x 68214