Here are some helpful homework tips and tricks to help you help your child with their nightly homework.
  • Ask to see your child's agenda book every night. It should be filled in for each class period. If there was no homework, that should be recorded as well. Be sure to look ahead to see what types of assignments/projects/tests are coming up.
  • If your child tells you that they have finished an assignment, ask to see it so that you know what they are doing in school (and so you can double check that it really is done!).
  • Make homework a family affair - as your child works on their homework, take that time to sit with them and pay bills, read mail, prepare for the next work day, etc.
  • Require your child to sit and do homework for at least half an hour EVERY night. If they claim that they don't have any, have them read for that half hour.
  • Provide a quiet, well-lit area that is designated as a "homework spot." Try to minimize distractions such as television, noisy siblings, cell phones, etc.